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KRJST studio

KR ( Erika) and JST ( Justine)


KRJST has a triangular structure composed by Justine de Moriamé, Erika Schillebeeckx, and their tapestries. Four hands, two souls, and four eyes are tuned together to invoke a collective memory, to alter it, and to pass it on.

KRJST seeks the boundaries where anxiety and bliss are found; it explores the contemporary definition of femininity in a society that is as fascinating as it is frightening.

KRJST's work reflects an emotional mapping in response to the world we live in.

How to deal with paradoxical feelings, reflecting both the paralysis in the face of urgency and the positive sensation of imminent change? How to deal with the political, economic and environmental cataclysms of our time? How to manage social pressures as a woman, as a thirty-something, as an artist.

These questions are translated into tormented visions of hanging gardens and incandescent vegetations. Paths through which apocalypse, wars, injustice, climate are in balance with beauty, journey, force of nature, tradition and the sacred.

The weaving technique allow KR and JST to structure the chaos of the creation and to question the relationship between tradition and technology. Their tapestries are invitations to contemplation and mediation, to discovery and rediscovery.


1.Artistic/Graphic developments mix media: acrylic, pastel, 3D software, Chemical research, drawings made by 4 hands.

2.Translated trough experiments with mixing natural and technical fibers into textile.

3.Researching with textures, materials, colors, relief and light.

4.Working+Programmation on a computer-operated Dornier Jacquard rapier looms.


we WORK with

Art Sablon Gallery, Atelier Jespers and Kolkoze are representing KRJST studio on the international art scene.

Art Sablon
16 rue Watteeu
1000 Bruxelles

Nathan Uzal & Jonathan F. Kugel opened Art Sablon gallery in 2017 to defend an eclectic vision of Art. Mixing antiques, classical & modern sculptures and works of arts with contemporary art by Europe's leading emerging artists.

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Atelier Jespers
149 Avenue du Prince Héritier 1200 Bruxelles

The project is motivated by the pleasure of provoking the confrontation between the architectural space and the creation. Not forbidding himself anything, Jean-François Declerc plans to open his doors to various forms of expression. A condition that fits with his own minimalist and conceptual choices, "I like things simple and beautiful! ".

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51 rue Saint Roch
75001 Paris

Kolkhoze is all about Art |design|
A space of curation and sale in direct contact with galleries and artists that matter in the contemporary art market. A scene in perpetual evolution and a necessary interface between the |new| collectors, decorators and designers.